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Being Unhappy with your Body is NOT THE NEW NORMAL!

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I know what it's like to feel unhappy with your body..

Helping countless people of all ages and body types take control of their lives, experiencing success and achievement through personalized training plans and group fitness has been my greatest passion for over 10 years. I can't wait to meet you where you're at so you can experience the body and life you deserve!"

- Reese Wonnacott

Owner of Proformance FItness


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Let's talk about your fitness goals and any obstacles you might be facing.

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This is where we create your personalized training plan tailored to your goals and lifestyle.

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Enjoy success and watch your body Transform!

Your success is my obsession. Let's celebrate your milestones and create new fitness landmarks!

Personal Training

Individuality is paramount, which is why we offer Personal Training tailored to diverse age groups, skill levels, and fitness objectives. With a focus on your success, our 1300 sq ft functional gym provides the ideal setting for personalized sessions, ensuring a dynamic and comfortable experience. While optimal for groups of three, we can easily accommodate larger groups for private Training.

Customize your Experience

If your goal isn't listed, reach out—I'm here to help.

Whether you prefer larger group sessions or have specific preferences not mentioned, get in touch via message or phone to explore your options.

Your fitness aspirations matter!


Personal Training

Packages & Pricing


Define your goals and execute your personalized training plan. Get started with 12 & 24 Session Packages.

X12 sessions = $55 Per Session

X24 sessions = $50 Per Session

Save on annual plans

X1 Session Per Week = $225 per month

Train with a partner

Pair up with a friend or loved one & reach your fitness goals together in packages of 12 & 24 sessions where your personal trainer guides you both toward a shared victory.

12 sessions = $75 Per Session ​

24 sessions = $65 Per Session


Group Fitness

Get started in a dynamic and motivating environment where a team of like minded fitness fanatics engage in structured workouts led by certified instructors. These classes cater to a variety of fitness levels and goals, incorporating a combination of cardio, strength training, and flexibility. Goup fitness classes provide a dynamic and motivating environment with a supportive community and the opportunity to challenge yourself while having fun.

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  • $35 Per Week, Billed Monthly with No Contract.
  • $22.50 Per Week on an Annual Plan.


  • $42.50 Per Week, Billed Monthly with No Contract.
  • $29.50 Per Week on an Annual Plan.

Unlimited group fitness

  • $47.50 Per Week, Billed Monthly with No Contract.
  • $34.50 Per Week on an Annual Plan.

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Personal Training & Group Fitness


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Personal Training Sessions (1 session per week)

Get the personalized plan and coaching you need to help you achieve a specific goal with the success you deserve.

Get toned. Get tight.

Get strong. Get huge

Group fitness classes

Choose 1 of 3 annual Group Fitness Packages and get your 12th month completely FREE!



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“Reese has been my trainer for over a year now and I have gotten more results working with him than all my previous years of training. His sessions are challenging which has helped me look lean and toned. I always leave feeling strong and empowered! I am in the best shape of my life because he inspires me to reach greater fitness goals!”

- Debbie Gale

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“We are thrilled after a couple of months with the results we got from working out at ProFormance Fitness! Our expectations were to get on track with our fitness and health, but it turned out we got a lot more…We lost 45 lbs between the two of us, melted inches away, toned and feel strong and energized! We went from being skeptics about weight training to being believers! We enjoy working out as a couple in a private gym environment and appreciate how Reese is accomodating to our busy work schedule and how sessions are always professional, challenging and never boring!”

- LuZahn & Etienne Theron

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"Reese has been sensitive and alert to my special needs resulting from the radiation damage, and gradually worked me into a full body program. The result has been amazing. Not only have my legs recovered and my strength increased, but I have acquired an overall feeling of health and well being. This alone would make working with Reese well worth the time and investment, but the recovery of the full use of my legs restored my confidence and pulled me out of a growing depression."

- Lazar Buhalo

Proformance Fitness Studio is located at 33149 #14 london ave, 33167 London Ave, Mission, BC V2V 4P9